Storyworlds: A Journal of Narrative Studies
Published by the University of Nebraska Press
ISSN 1946-2204

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Table of Contents for volume 1, published in June 2009

Table of Contents for volume 2, published in June 2010

Table of Contents for volume 3, published in June 2011

Table of Contents for volume 4, published in June 2012

Table of Contents for volume 5, published in June 2013

Scope of the journal:
Storyworlds is a new, interdisciplinary journal of narrative theory.
It features research on storytelling practices across a variety of media, including face-to-face interaction, literary writing, film and television, virtual environments, historiography, journalism, and graphic narratives, studied from perspectives developed in such fields as narratology, discourse analysis, jurisprudence, philosophy, cognitive and social psychology, Artificial Intelligence, medicine, and the study of organizations.

Additional context: Storyworlds publishes state-of-the-art research in the field of interdisciplinary narrative theory. Other journals devoted to narrative target particular areas of inquiry such as literary studies or psychology, in which only certain kinds of narratives are the primary object of study. By contrast, featuring research on a variety of narrative practices across multiple settings and media, Storyworlds also showcases cutting-edge methods of analysis and interpretation. The transmedial and cross-disciplinary focus of the journal is signaled by its title, since the term storyworld refers to the world evoked by a narrative, whether that narrative takes the form of a printed text, a film, or a story told in everyday conversation. In this way, the journal foregrounds research questions that cut across established disciplines--and hence promotes new, integrative frameworks for inquiry. How do narrative ways of worldmaking differ from other representational practices used to construct or reconstruct worlds, in a broad sense? What constraints and affordances do particular storytelling media bring to the process of building narrative worlds? What tools are needed to characterize, in all its richness and complexity, the experience of inhabiting a narrative world in a given medium or across different media?

Storytelling scenarios discussed in the journal to date encompass face-to-face interaction, superhero comics, immigrant narratives, literary fictions, serial television, and digital narratives, with contributors drawing on ideas from philosophy, rhetoric, narratology, logic, film studies, and other fields. Through this diverse narrative corpus and equally diverse range of approaches, Storyworlds aims to foster more dialogue among people who, from all academic fields and indeed all walks of life, create, engage with, and analyze narrative in its many guises. A key premise of the journal is that dialogue of this kind is a prerequisite for taking the measure of stories not just as a means of artistic expression or a resource for communication but also a fundamental human endowment.

Editor (as of July 1, 2013)
Andreea Deciu Ritivoi

Founding Editor

David Herman

Editorial Board
H. Porter Abbott
Jens Brockmeier
Jonathan Culler
Gregory Currie
Catherine Emmott
Peter Galison
Richard J. Gerrig
Andreea Deciu Ritivoi
Marie-Laure Ryan
Deborah Schiffrin
Roy Sommer
Wendy Steiner

For submission information, please contact Andreea Ritivoi:

Department of English
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